Our Services

Board your dogs at “PET HOTEL @B”, we provide a healthy and comfortable place for your dogs and cats
when you are away at work, shopping, or travelling.

Four distinctions

– We well take care of your dogs depending on each dog’s and cat’s desires and behavior
with the advice of each owners.
– The number of boarding is limited to keep the best hospitality.

– We are conveniently located within 5 min. walk from Nakameguro station.
– You can check your dog in-and-out 24 hours a day, 365days a year with reservation.

– We monitor your dogs for 24 hours.
– Your dogs are taken care by experienced pet nurses.

– You can order our additional services such as animal hospitals, trimming salons, etc.
(advance reservation required)


Service Information

– Our service designed for smaller dogs and cats.
Since the cage width is 60cm, boarding dog size need to be 6kg or under.
(or call to inquire about your dogs)
– All guests (dogs or cats) are provided with personal space and play time.
No need to be concern with coming in contact with other dogs.
– If the guest (dog or cats) appears to be sick or injured, we immediately take them
to our affiliated local animal hospital.

Check-in requirements to bring
– Certifications of a vaccination against rabies and a combined vaccine within a year.
– Food the dogs and the cats eat. (or let us know other specific requests.)
– Accessories for walking such as collars, leash, etc.
– Toys or beds that dogs are get used to.

You cannot board your dogs and cats  with following cases.
– Dogs and cats without regular vaccination and certificate.
– Dogs with flea, ticks, filaria (heartworm) or other contagious disease or parasites.
– Violent dogs.
– Puppies less than 90 days old.

Menu and fee

We provide two type of service.
Each service includes walking the dog and meal service.

Ⅰ. Short , Daytime stay, Overnight stay

Fee early-morning / late-night charge
Short stay ¥500 /hour ¥1000
Overnight stay ¥7,000 /day + afternoon charge ¥500 /hour (in the final day) ¥1,000

Service flow

【Please call us for more info, or reservation at 03-3714-8182】
0) Registration
When you make a reservation for the first time, you need to register
with your dog or cat information. (You need to fill out registration form.)
(You can get the form from web download, send it by email or fax in advance to expedite registration.)
*You need to bring an ID (ex. a driver’s license or passport)
and certifications of a vaccination against rabies and a combined vaccine within a year.
1) Making a reservation
You can make a reservation by calling 03-3714-8182.
2) Check-in
Please stop by @B with your dogs and cats on time.
Fill out the reservation form.
Or bring the filled out downloaded reservation form.
3) Check-out
Please pick up your dog and cat on time.
Please call in advance if you need to pick up earlier or later.